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Paladin: The Eternal Battle is a ground-breaking 9-minute short film, which introduces the Paladin, a mysterious exorcist sworn to keep humanity safe from the supernatural. But he meets a Dryad, or earth spirit, who fights back and gives him more than he bargains for.

With an excellent cast, tight direction and a haunting soundtrack, this ground-breaking short movie challenges the boundaries between good and evil. Whose side are you on?

Interview with Scriptwriter and Executive Producer Christopher Dickson

(Spoiler alert: Contains some description of the film's story and themes)


The film was made on location in the Boys Village, just outside St Athan in the Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales, UK. The derelict village gives a beautiful, stark backdrop to the film, with its themes of conflict, decay, rebirth, and mankind’s struggle to tame nature.

The village was originally built to give the boys of South Wales somewhere to have a holiday by the sea. It had its own accommodation, swimming pool, dining hall and even a beautiful and iconic chapel. These buildings are now derelict.

One of the extraordinary features of the village is the central memorial stone. It was placed there after the Second World War, not so much as a reminder of the horrors of war, but rather as a commitment to keep fighting until the battle is won.

The stone reads “Dedicated to the memory of the youth of all nations who fell that war might end, by the boys of the South Wales Coalfield who dedicate themselves to complete the battle so nobly begun. 1914-1918. 1939-1945.” This is the main inspiration of the central theme of the film – the unending cycle of violence. The eternal battle.

The village has now been unused for some years and is so badly decayed that it may be beyond salvage. Some of the buildings have been demolished. In the time since the film was shot there, there have even been rumours that the village is haunted – a weird coincidence given the supernatural theme of the film.

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