Christopher Dickson's short film appearances (selected)

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Ups and Downs - Cardiff Mini Film Festival shortlisted (4m 03s) Contact me at
info at christopherdickson dot com
The Reading - Cannes Film Festival selection
(16m 50s)
Crush - Extended trailer (4m 03s)  
Panic Button Promotional Viral Pt 4 (1m 16s)  
Panic Button Promotional Viral Pt 3 (1m 41s)  
Paladin: The Eternal Battle
winner at Swansea Bay Film Festival (9m 03s)
password to play film is battle
Mummy Fell Asleep - winner at Irish International and Heart of England film festivals (10m 07s)  
The Big Pitch - winner of Audience Prize, Movie Mogul Fund competition (1m 40s)  

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